• Nadoki studio, at Riverside Studios (Berlin), being lit by blue light. On the left, there is a stand with MIDI keyboards and synthesizers. In the middle, there's a black office chair facing a black studio desk equipped with a computer screen, outboard gear, and two pairs of speakers. On the right, there are two guitars on a stand and a guitar amplifier. The studio walls and ceiling are full of acoustic panels.


    We are a mixing and mastering studio located at Riverside Studios. Nadoki was founded in 2019 after four educated engineers united to bring a fresh new start to the industry. With our hybrid analog + digital approach, we have the tools and ears to make your idea sound as it deserves.

    Our control room is equipped with multiple pairs of speakers, outboard gear, instruments, and synthesizers. Our mixing and mastering suite is also a perfect option for producing and writing sessions.

  • Studio 10, at Riverside Studios (Berlin). Closer to the entrance, on the left, there is a black office chair facing a wooden studio desk with a computer screen, a computer keyboard, a MIDI keyboard, outboard gear, and a pair of speakers. On the back, there's a black couch with a small guitar on top of it and a small white table on it's right.

    STUDIO 10

    Studio 10 is our tracking booth for vocals and overdub recordings. It is the perfect space for smaller-scaled projects.

  • The Lab, at Riverside Studios (Berlin), being lit by blue and red lights. The ceiling is full of pipes and cables, there's a a collumn on the right and, on the back, there's a pair of big speakers and a door. Most of the room is empty.


    The Riverside eventspace is a flexible 100+ m² live tracking room that is perfect for a full band, orchestra, or choir recording.

  • Riverside Studios (Berlin) main common area. There's big wooden table on the left with benches on both sides. On the right there's a semi-open door followed by a big red vintage couch. In the middle, at the back of the room, there's a grand piano with it's cover open next to a big brick collumn.


    We are part of the Riverside Studio complex, a unique collective of renowned artists and professionals located in Berlin’s Media Spree, right by the water, neighboring most of the industry’s leaders.

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